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SCRA Public Policy Committee Request

Would you join a new Community Psychology listserv that allows political calls to action?

Dear SCRA-L Members:

APA does not allow, without their prior approval, political calls to action on APA listservs.  This includes SCRA-L and most of the other lists on the SCRA website.  Political calls to action invite individuals to contact their legislators or other government officials about pending or proposed legislation at national, state or local levels. 

Given APA's policy, the EC has asked the SCRA Public Policy Committee, which we currently co-chair, for recommendations on how best to proceed.  One option we are considering is to create a new, non-APA/non-SCRA listserv for anyone willing to receive political calls to action.  It is not anticipated that this would be a high-frequency list.

Would you subscribe to such a list?  If we receive enough affirmative responses, we will explore this possibility.

Please reply to <> if you would subscribe to a new, non-APA-run Community Psychology listserv for political calls to action.


Doug Perkins and Ken Maton