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JEWELRY FOR JUSTICE: A School Fundraiser that Helps to Build a Diverse Community

Meg A. Bond, University of Massachusetts Lowell & Cambridge, MA, USA
Although not a Tool per se, this description of how a community took a common event for most of us -- a school fundraiser -- and transformed (or at least re-framed it) as a community development process. We hope that this innovative approach will spark ideas among others.


Tearless Logic Model

Ashlee D. Lien, Justin P. Greenleaf, Michael K. Lemke, Sharon M. Hakim, Nathan P. Swink, Rosemary Wright, and Greg Meissen, Wichita KS, USA
Even among people who know and have seen the value of logic models, the term can “strike fear into the hearts” of experienced community psychologists and veteran non-profit staff and board members alike. Technical terms may confuse and intimidate community members and grassroots partners who are the foundation of the practice of community psychology. This tool makes it easier to get this important task completed.