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Pracademics and Community Change, A True Story of Nonprofit Development and Social Entrepreneurship during Welfare Reform [Lyceum Books;]
by Rev. Odell Cleveland and Prof. Robert Wineburg

Reviewed by Christopher J. Corbett, MA
This book was an unexpected discovery. While attending the Annual Conference of ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) this month (November, 2010), I was browsing a Publisher’s table and a book title caught my eye. Any author with the courage to adopt the title: Pracademics and Community Change has, in my mind, set him or herself up for very high expectations indeed.


Consulting and Evaluation with Non-Profit and Community-Based Organizations
by Judah J Viola & Susan D McMahon

Reviewed by Vincent T Francisco

Even a quick perusal of books in the business section of bookstores will reveal scores of books focused on organizational development, business start-ups, leadership development, decision making in difficult environments, and books about how to do consulting. However, Viola and McMahon’s book fits a particular niche in community psychology practice that other business books do not. This very useful and well-written book focuses on advice, examples, and guidance from some of the most note-worthy community practitioners in the field.