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Surviving a tsunami: Dealing with disaster: Lessons from the Samoa tsunami 29.09.09
by Jowitt, A., Faasisila, J., & Dudley, W.

Review Written by: Sharon Hakim

The book reviewed, "Surviving a Tsunami: Dealing with Disaster," was written after the 2009 tsunami that hit the coast of Samoa (Western) and is intended as a community handbook.  It is informative, accessible, and does a great job of giving the reader a feel for Samoan culture.

Although the authors do not identify as Community Psychologists, their work clearly builds on some of our shared principles: community strengths, respect for culture, and prevention.  Although readers of your journal may not live in areas at risk for tsunamis, the lessons learned and expressed in this book regarding disaster preparedness and resilience are valuable to all communities, wherever they may be located.