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Understandings of Mental Health Recovery: Poetry

This is one of three videos from our innovative session, Understandings of Mental Health Recovery. The first video includes drawings that represent the views of mental health consumers on mental health recovery. The second video includes excerpts from interviews with mental health consumers regarding their stories of recovery. The third video is a poetry performance that was also performed at the biennial. All three videos were part of the session at the biennial and were used to understand consumer perspectives on recovery.


Ashlee Lien, Michael Lemke, Corinna West, Sam Schrepel, Jeffery Hunter, Adrienne Banta, Tara Gregory, and Greg Meissen

Ashlee Lien, MA, Wichita State University; Michael Lemke, Wichita State University; Corinna West, Wellness Wordworks; Sam Schrepel, Kansas Consumer Advisory Council; Jeffery Hunter, Kansas Consumer Advisory Council; Adrienne Banta, WSU Center for Community Support & Research; Tara Gregory, PhD, WSU Center for Community Support & Research; Greg Meissen, PhD, Wichita State University

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