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Union de Vecinos: Community and Civic Action

I have recently begun to work with the community activist organization Union de Vecinos who are working out of the city of Maywood, CA. In the process of learning and informing myself about how they function in the community I've been documenting (video) some of the activities they have recently sponsored. The video I am submitting is the first of a series of pieces that I will be producing concerning Union de Vecinos. This first segment takes you through and explains various projects that Union de Vecinos has taken on in regards to a number of critical issues within the city of Maywood. These include politics, police, immigrant rights, tenant rights, issues with LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) and water quality in the city. Since Union de Vecinos began working with the community the city has seen a turnover in the city council, complete elimination of a corrupt police department and challenges to the Federal governments dealing with the 5th largest superfund cleanup site in the United States and more.


Shannon Noble and Community members in the city of Maywood, CA, USA.

Shannon Noble is affiliated with Antioch University Los Angeles, and can be reached at

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