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Acknowledgements by  Eduardo Almeida Acosta, Editor

Author(s): Eduardo Almeida Acosta, Editor




This book is the first volume of two that will communicate the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Community Psychology celebrated in Puebla, Mexico, in June 2010. As such it partially represents the third international academic achievement of community psychologists from all over world. Human beings from all the continents gave time and support to make the international gathering a success. We decided to offer in Vol. I the presentations of the invited participants that were selected by the Scientific International Committee. But there were other important studies presented at the Conference. A competent editorial team from Puerto Rico is now preparing Vol. II. Here we want to thank the two local editorial teams, the one from Puebla (Mexico) and the one from San Juan (Puerto Rico). We also have to mention and thank the members of our International Editorial Committee. They were important collaborators in the preparation of the Conference, decisive in selecting the invited participants, and assuring the quality of their presentations.

A special recognition is deserved by the 16 contributors of this volume. They volunteered their time and expertise preparing their keynote addresses and papers, delivering them, and going through the demanding experience of revising their texts and contributing to the editing of the book. Their presentations were the backbone of the Conference.
To David Fernández Dávalos, President of Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla who has been a permanent supporter of the academic celebration, motivating faculty members, students and administrators to be active in the organization of the Conference, we give him a heartful thanks.

Three instances of the university were instrumental in the recognized quality achieved in the June 2010 International gathering and in the final preparation of this Vol. I.: The Department of Human Development, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Alain Touraine Chair. The members of the Executive Committee and of the Puebla Editorial Committee belong to those instances.

Special thanks are deserved by Mary Paz Cuahutle, María Guadalupe Chávez, Isabel Vázquez, Cristina Fonseca, Adelina Quiroz, María Eugenia Romero and Guadalupe Barradas for their support in organizing and following up many tasks before, during and in the preparation of this first volume. We want to acknowledge the skilled translation work, written and oral, carried out by Rossana Dos Santos, Linda Christianson, Jean Hennequin, Cathleen Pomaski, Guillermo Duque, Mónica Ayala and Eduardo José Almeida Sánchez. And finally we must recognize the artistic contributions of José Valderrama and Carmen Tiburcio.


Eduardo Almeida Acosta, Editor

Eduardo Almeida Acosta obtained in 1976 a Ph. D. in Social Psychology and Personality at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He is a researcher on Community Psychology at the Health Sciences Department of Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla.

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