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Special Focus Issue
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Editor's Note

In this Special Issue Practice and Program Implementation Meet Like Water and Sand

The Global Journal is very pleased to present this special issue on Surf Therapy under the leadership of our guest editors: Gregor Sarkisian, Kristen Walter, Giovanni Martinez, and Philip Ward. This special issue marks something of a departure for the GJCPP as it is about the practice and research related to a specific program/intervention rather than a broad approach to the practice of community psychology through a particular lens. The latter is valuable and important and we will have more special issues like that. However, we hope that you enjoy this new iteration and that it becomes the flagship for additional, similar special issues in the future.


One of the most interesting and valuable parts of this special issue is the diversity of content curated by the guest editors. There are an abundance of perspectives, videos, tools, and competency-related implementation and research work shared here and I believe readers will find it both fascinating and instructive.


I certainly do not want to belabor this note, nor delay you more than necessary from digging in to this fantastic issue. It comes at a time in global history when we could all use some uplifting data, stories, and ideas. Stay safe, friends, and curl up with this amazing set of articles and content on Surf Therapy.


Be well,


Nicole M. Freund Nicole M. Freund


Nicole Freund, MA, MBA, PhD
Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice
Research Scientist, Center for Applied Research and Evaluation
Community Engagement Institute
Wichita State University

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