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Welcome to Issue 2 of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice!

Welcome to Issue 2 of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice!

In this issue, you will find several articles that feature aspects of community practice from across the globe. In addition to these regular features, you may notice that we made a few improvements to the Journal web site. We now have the ability to leave comments and have conversations about any of the materials shared through the Journal. You will find it placed at the end of each article, video, or tool.

Please use this new interactive feature – we want to hear your thoughts on what is published. How else can we make the GJCPP the best it can be?

In this issue you will find articles, tools and videos about:

  • Collaboration between community members and community researchers,
  • Interviews of a community activist, and community psychologists,
  • An intriguing study of knowledge transfer in Canada,
  • An overview of Rites of Passage as an approach to youth development, and
  • An innovative approach to developing working relationships between researchers and community member.

In addition, please note our call for papers and special issues, in a separate editorial within this issue. We look forward to the nomination of special issues by persons interested in theme issues, topic areas of emerging or special interest, and important topics relevant to community psychology practice.

Here are some ideas:

  • With the recent 3rd International Community Psychology Conference in Puebla Mexico, there is a wonderful buzz about how community psychology is defined, trained and practiced in many countries. The Journal can serve as a vehicle to exchange ideas and perspectives and to understand the historical evolution of those perspectives. It could be valuable and instructive to have an article or an entire issue that would collect the definitions of community psychology put forward by ALL formal and informal community psychology-related organizations, worldwide.
  • With the recent issues associated with the decision of the Australian Health Force Ministerial Council to exclude the areas of Community Psychology and of Health Psychology from specialist practice endorsement for psychologists, a special issue could be focused on licensure and specialization issues throughout the world.

We can provide overall support for these and other areas, but we need people who will take a lead in guest editing such special issues. It only involves developing a proposal in concert with several invited contributors. We can work with you to make sure the review process proceeds smoothly, and will get the materials online for you.

Thank you for interest in the journal and what we are doing. We hope you are inspired to send a manuscript or a video of your work. We also welcome your ideas on how the journal can be more useful. Don’t forget to sign up for an ongoing subscription (

Yours in community practice,
The GJCPP Management Team and Editorial Board

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