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Editor's Note

Highlighting Practice In Many Ways

I hope you found the recent SCRA conference, “Celebrating 50 Years of Community Psychology: Bridging Past and Future” refreshing and motivating.  It was great to see the diversity of posters and presentations highlighting the work of community psychologists.  Congratulations and thanks to those at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell for hosting a great event. 

The articles in this issue of GJCPP reflect a similar enthusiasm for the practice of community psychology. 

Jaclyn Houston, Mona Shattell, and Charlynn Odahl-Ruan in their article, “Exploring community based advocacy work against human trafficking in the U.S.” examine the factors that support and challenge organizations working against human trafficking.  Through their work several strategies are identified to overcome such barriers.

Anna Smith in her article, “Understanding and Addressing Female Juvenile Delinquency: A Community Psychology Approach” use their community psychology lens to design and implement a program for female juvenile offenders (FJOs).

W. LaVome Robinson, Jocelyn R. Droege, Mary H. Case, and Leonard A. Jason in their article, “Reducing Stress and Preventing Anxiety in African American Adolescents: A Culturally-Grounded Approach” highlight initial outcomes of a stress-reduction intervention for urban African American adolescents.

Finally, Ashley Anglin in her article, “Evaluating the Community Capitals Framework and its relevance to Community Psychology practice, values, and principles” present and evaluate the Community Capitals Framework (CCF) (Flora & Flora, 2004) as a guiding model and tool for community development. 

In addition I’m excited that two SCRA mini-grants are highlighted and several examples of community psychology practice are reprinted from the recent THEory into ACTion Outreach Bulletin.  Many thanks to Tabitha Underwood (and others) for helping make that connection possible.

If you had a poster or presentation at the SCRA conference and/or are interested in submitting to GJCPP, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Take care,
Scott Wituk

Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice
Executive Director
Center for Community Support & Research
Wichita State University


Scott Wituk, PhD

As the executive director of the Center for Community Support and Research, Scott oversees all activities and services, budget, and operations. Scott has been with CCSR for nearly 20 years. He is committed to creating thriving and supportive communities and organizations and has background in community leadership, organizational capacity building, and applied research and evaluation methods. He works with a variety of nonprofit organizations, community coalitions, government entities, mental health consumer organizations, and self-help support groups.

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