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New Issue of the GJCPP

We are pleased to bring you this last issue of Volume 5. In this issue, we have 5 peer-reviewed articles, two interviews of Jim Kelly, a special spotlight of a grantee from the SCRA Mini-Grant program, and a review of the National Civic Review on the Healthy Cities movement.

The peer reviewed articles are an interesting collection from authors in Japan and the United States of America. The first article is a critical review of the community organizing literature, and proposes a differentiation in organizing strategies and outcomes. The second article is an examination of the transformation toward greater self-efficacy among youth in Japan as a result of their involvement in community improvement activities. The third article provides an in-depth qualitative exploration into the experiences of counseling students as they get involved in community outreach with an emphasis on social justice and multicultural experience. The fourth article is an examination of structural change for prevention of HIV transmission among teens, with a particular focus on sectors and number of people engaged to facilitate structural change in the communities involved. The fifth article is an examination of issues related to language development and bi-culturalism among the children of Spanish-speaking immigrants to the United States.

There is a review of the special issue on Healthy Cities and Healthy Communities, that was published last year by the National Civic Review. They celebrated their 25th anniversary last year, and the articles presented in the special issue are an outstanding reflection on the legacy of that movement which still continues to this day. Tyler Norris was the guest editor for the issue, and provides video as well as text narrative to introduce the series.

Finally, we have two videos from the series of taped interviews of leaders in community psychology from Jim Kelly. These two videos focus on Dr Kelly himself, and provide a rich overview of his involvement in community psychology. These videos are especially important as we head into the 50th anniversary of the field since the Swampscott Conference.

This issue marks the last issue of myself as lead Editor of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice. I will continue to remain involved, facilitating ongoing development and solicitation of submissions from our international colleagues. Dr Scott Wituk of Wichita State University will assume the lead role as Editor of the Journal. We are all very excited about his involvement, and the involvement of his colleagues at the Center for Community Support and Research. To mark the change in leadership, we will be launching a new web site in the next month. After 5 years, we need to update the online infrastructure to take advantage of mobile interfaces as well as enhanced language support for the site.

We hope you enjoy this issue from the GJCPP. Please contact the journal with submissions and ideas for special issues. The next 5 years will prove to be even more contentful than the first!



Vincent T Francisco Vincent T Francisco

Dr Vincent T Francisco is Associate Professor of Community Health Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA), and outgoing lead Editor of the GJCPP.

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Christopher Corbett (Albany NY USA) March 21, 2015

While I have given this some thought, I am not able to adequately put into words to properly acknowledge your dedication and extraordinary contribution to the Field and Practice of Community Psychology as Founding Editor. I have personally found your Editorial Notes to be very valuable and timesaving to me as a reader, a feature that is missing from many quality journals. So, thanks Vince for all your past hard work and for your continued involvement in the GJCPP!

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