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Winner 2014 SCRA Video Contest: "Edúcame Primero Colombia. Reducing Child Labor in Barranquilla"

SCRA created the annual video contest to explore the great work of community psychologists internationally in a relatively non-traditional format. Directors develop a video of their community psychology skills in action, creating videos of education, research, and practice efforts that highlight the competencies of the field. While this is the fourth year of the contest, in 2014, the Executive Committee approved the video contest as one of the official annual awards of SCRA. Each year, videos are submitted year-round with a final deadline of December 1st. Videos submitted to the contest are then considered for awards by the entire SCRA voting membership at the end of the year, and winners receive both recognition and cash awards.

Participants: Facilitators of the Spaces to Grow and “Baúl de Juegos”, school principals, teachers and parents of child workers.

The Edúcame Primero Colombia program is a psycho-educational activity that aims to reduce child labor and ensure universal access to education. It is an evidence-based practice, which obtained positive results in Colombia and several Central American countries.

Three lessons learned by facilitators and teachers who collaborated in the program are summarized in this video. Namely, (1) the need to adjust the program to the characteristics of neighborhoods and specific community settings, (2) the importance of the engagement of families in the educational context, and (3) competition between time spent working and time spent studying.

After the intervention in Barranquilla (Colombia), We have planned to move the program to Lima (Peru). The material has been designed through formative assessment meetings with the facilitators of the program in Colombia; and presents "best practices" in an organized manner, so that serve as recommendations for future applications of the intervention in Peru.

The video is divided in three parts, with a summary of each lesson in a brief text, to be used as part of group dynamics with prospective Peruvian facilitators.

Blog with updates on the program and other contents on social and community intervention:

Catalogue of the program [pdf]

Twitter: @facpsi


Isidro Maya-Jariego

Isidro Maya-Jariego

From left to right: Jorge Palacio, PhD, Professor at Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia); Daniel Holgado, PhD, post-graduate researcher, and Isidro Maya Jariego, Professor at Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). They coordinate the program "Edúcame Primero" for reducing child labor in Colombia and Peru.

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Keywords: Child Labor, Community Fit, Universal Education, International Labor Organization, Prevention, Family Engagement, Colombia, Peru, Implementation, Program Evaluation, Lessons learned, Best Practices, Transference