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Winner 2014 SCRA Video Contest: "Family Safety Planning"

SCRA created the annual video contest to explore the great work of community psychologists internationally in a relatively non-traditional format. Directors develop a video of their community psychology skills in action, creating videos of education, research, and practice efforts that highlight the competencies of the field. While this is the fourth year of the contest, in 2014, the Executive Committee approved the video contest as one of the official annual awards of SCRA. Each year, videos are submitted year-round with a final deadline of December 1st. Videos submitted to the contest are then considered for awards by the entire SCRA voting membership at the end of the year, and winners receive both recognition and cash awards.

Participants: Community partners from Turning Point, Inc. of Macomb County, Michigan (Sara Dobbyn, Debbie McPeek, Adrienne Gasperoni, Dominica Tokarski) and university partners (student Katie Gregory and professor Cris Sullivan) of Michigan State University.

Each year, millions of women and children are affected by intimate partner violence. Turning Point, Inc. of Macomb County partnered with researchers at Michigan State University to develop a counseling intervention and corresponding study to help facilitate communication between survivors and their children about safety. This intervention combines traditional safety planning and family counseling in order to help rebuild the bond between survivors and their children while focusing on each of the family member’s strengths.

This video highlights the collaborative process between community and research partners during the development of the family safety planning program and the study conducted in order to help improve the program. Community and research partners were dedicated to creating a space of mutual respect and understanding which allowed for open communication throughout the entire project, from the study design to analysis and dissemination. This video includes interviews with community and research partners as well as a mini-demonstration of a family safety planning session.

Turning Point, Inc. of Macomb County:

Research Consortium on Gender-Based Violence:


Katie Gregory, Cris Sullivan, and Sara Dobbyn

Katie Gregory, Cris Sullivan, and Sara Dobbyn

Katie Gregory is a PhD student in the ecological-community psychology program at Michigan State University. Her research focus is gender-based violence, specifically how systems respond to adult survivors of intimate partner violence and their children.

Cris Sullivan, PhD (not pictured) is Professor of Ecological/Community Psychology, Director of the Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence, and is a Senior Fellow of MSU’s Office on Outreach and Engagement. Her areas of research expertise include conducting longitudinal, experimental evaluations of community interventions for abused women and their children, improving the community response to gender-based violence, and evaluating victim service programs. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Justice, and foundations, and her work has impacted research, policy and practice.

Sara Dobbyn (not pictured)

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