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This video of an interview of Dr Jim Kelly is an important video relating to the history of Community Psychology from someone who was part of much of that history. He was a doctoral student and post-doc during the time of the Swampsott Report, and the subsequent years of the development of community mental health centers. He was instrumental in the development of the field of Community Psychology as one of the first Presidents of the Society for Community Research and Action (APA Div 27).



James G Kelly, James Dalton & Vincent T Francisco

The authors collaborated to make these videos available online. Jim Kelly is Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois at Chicago, is retired and lives in Davis California (USA). Jim Dalton is a Professor of Psychology at Bloomsburg University. Vincent T Francisco is an Associate Professor at UNC Greensboro (USA), and is Editor of the GJCPP.

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Mark Burton (Manchester, UK) February 23, 2015

Hello, thanks for putting up this video.
Unfortunately it is really quiet - can anything be done at your end to boost the volume?

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