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Special Focus Issue
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Editor's Note

Not My Time by  Nicole M. Freund

We're delighted to launch this second part of the special issue on anti-racist praxis. As was true in the first part, the guest editors have presented vitally important work by some amazing scholars. I often feel like the best thing I can do is be quiet and let the work speak for itself, so I intend to do just that.


Be sure to read the introduction to this part of the special issue and feel the power of the voices included here. Thank you to all the authors who gave their time and labor to offer these great articles so that all of us may learn and grow.


Be well,

Editor's Note


Nicole M. Freund Nicole M. Freund

Nicole Freund, MA, MBA, PhD
Editor, Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice
Center for Applied Research and Evaluation
Community Engagement Institute
Wichita State University

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