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A new year, a new beginning for Global Community Psychology Practice by  The GJCPP Management Team and Editorial Board

It is with great excitement that we bring to you this first issue of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice (GJCPP).

This vision and mission driving this journal is to provide high quality, practical information on community practice. We will be publishing authoritative, peer reviewed articles and tools of strategic importance to a broad base of professionals engaged in the practice of developing, implementing and evaluating community interventions. We are committed to engaging and expanding the practice community by offering a new opportunity for collaborative development among community practitioners of a variety of backgrounds and professional affiliations. The GJCPP seeks to deepen the social impact of community practitioners by contributing to their knowledge, skills, and attitudes surrounding community practice. To that end, the Journal contains sections with videos, book reviews and interviews with practitioners, in addition to peer reviewed articles and tools.

The GJCPP grew out of a small group of community psychology practitioners, researchers and activists who were interested in creating space for other practitioners to record their work, share their ideas and promote cross-cultural learning. A central and unique characteristic of the GJCPP is that it is global. Our editorial board is comprised of individuals from around the world who have been critical in the design and development of the journal, as well as in the recruitment and dissemination of articles. Our first issue illustrates our commitment to capturing a global perspective of community practice, with articles from several countries and 3 continents. We are hoping for ongoing international contributions and ultimately international exchange through dialog and collaboration in the GJCPP. More information about the vision and mission, our values and the organization can be found at http://www.gjcpp.org/about.php.

In this issue you will find articles, tools and videos about…

  • student, teacher and staff empowerment in high schools;
  • successful alternative careers for community psychologists;
  • mental health service delivery as a community social change movement;
  • video interviews of practitioners, with an extended interview of Paula Green of the Karuna Center for Peace;
  • tools for promoting sustainability of community change efforts;

... and much more.

A special thanks to Atlantic Health and our other financial supporters for their confidence in our capacity to actually get this off the ground.

Thank you for interest in the journal and what we are doing. We hope you are inspired to send a manuscript or a video of your work. We also welcome your ideas on how the journal can be more useful. Don’t forget to sign up for an ongoing subscription.

Yours in community practice,
The GJCPP Management Team and Editorial Board

Additional Thoughts and Ideas from the International Editorial Board
To me the most important aspect of this journal is that it offers the opportunity to develop theory in community settings. Too much of psychology (and community psychology) is distorted by university settings and theory does not get developed in ongoing political and social contexts.
  - Brian Bishop (Curtin University)

We wish to give also space to reflection of graduate students on what they are learning in their community practicum, and on their thesis work!! I hope we can all learn globally from one another and have a very good time developing our diverse creativities!!
 - Donata Francescato (University of Rome)

My vision for GJCPP is that it gives "voice" to the connection between Margaret Mead's aspirational observation "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" and Thomas L. Friedman's dynamic view of globalization in The World is Flat. This Journal can be a borderless catalyst for planned change.
 - Bill Neigher (Atlantic Health)

May this Journal give us the opportunity to gather scientific and practical works on the same media, to transfer the international knowledge to CP practitioners, and to promote the development of new, equitable and participative practices!

Que ce Journal puisse nous donner l’opportunité de rassembler les travaux scientifiques et pratiques dans un même support, de transférer les connaissances internationales aux professionnels de terrain, et de promouvoir le développement de pratiques nouvelles, équitables et participatives!
 - Thomas Saïas (L'Association Française de Psychologie Communautaire)

The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice will significantly broaden the dissemination of the important work of community psychologists who primarily operate out of community settings from across the world. The international and virtual nature of the Global Journal will increase the visibility and value of community psychology.
 - Greg Meissen (Wichita State University)

It is my hope that the GJCPP will be recognized as a premier, user-friendly resource for connecting and inspiring community practitioners across the world.
 - Victoria Chien (University of South Carolina)

The GJCPP with serve as a bridge between communities near and far so that the practices of the "local" and the "global" can better benefit the other.
- Cheryl Ramos (University of Hawai'i at Hilo)



The GJCPP Management Team and Editorial Board

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