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2015 SCRA Biennial Swampscott Video Compilation

Please understand this video is limited to the 1965 Swampscott conference, its US context, and a few remarks on the 1975 Austin conference.  At the 2015 SCRA biennial, panelists Mo Elias, Regina Langhout, Urmitapa Dutta, and Christopher Sonn presented remarks on the future of our field in global context.

Origins of the excerpts used in the Swampscott in U.S. Context video:

Please also understand that this video uses excerpts from interviews by Jim Kelly and his students at the U. of Illinois Chicago, plus an interview with Marie Jahoda conducted by David Fryer in London.  Many thanks to Jim and to David for planning and conducting those interviews.  Mo Elias and I worked to select excerpts from these that illustrated the Swampscott conference in 1965 in its US context.  Many thanks to Mo for his insight and support during this process.

The original videos "Exemplars of Community Psychology A 3 hour and 35 minute DVD" (published in two parts), produced and edited by James Kelly, contains excerpts from 17 individual interviews and a panel discussion.  Some interviews missing from the Swampscott video at the biennial (due to the Swampscott focus of that plenary session) were  Alvin Zander  talking about Kurt Lewin, Steve Goldston, Stan Schneider, Murray Levine, Will Edgerton, Rudy Moos, and a panel discussion with Alice Dan, Rebecca Campbell, Stepanie Riger and Margaret Strobel.  These two videos, titled "Exemplars of Community Psychology", as well as each of the individual and panel interviews, can be viewed at the Vimeo channel of the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice:

Links to the Exemplars videos: 
Exemplars of Community Psychology Part 1:  https://vimeo.com/69635912

Exemplars of Community Psychology Part 2:  https://vimeo.com/69636546

The Exemplars DVD's, along with other archives from Jim Kelly's career in community psychology, will be held by the History of Psychology Museum at the University of Akron.  Many thanks to Jim Kelly for his work on these interviews and for his continued support in making them accessible on the GJCPP website.

This article concerns the Kelly Exemplars series:
Kelly, James G. The History and Varied Epistemologies of Community Psychology; Describing the UIC Course. The Community Psychologist, 29, No 1, February 1996,14-17.

Please also note that Robert Rieff, a plenary speaker and active participant at Swampscott, was unable to participate in the Kelly interviews in Chicago due to illness.  The Swampscott in U.S. Context video contains excerpts from his Swampscott address that give a sense of his perspective, which foreshadowed several directions in the development in our field.

Many thanks to Meg Bond and John Moritisugu, who co-chaired the plenary panel and suggested several changes that made the final form of this video much better.  Also, thanks to Dawn Henderson and her students, whose video posted on SCRA-L earlier this year inspired me to portray more broadly the context of the 1960's in the US. 

Many thanks also to Vince Francisco who helped greatly with technical assistance and by putting both the original Exemplars videos and the new Swampscott video on the GJCPP website.  And I could not have produced this video without the technical expertise of Asa Kelley and Travis Slusser at Bloomsburg University.


James H Dalton, Jr. and James G. Kelly,

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