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Femist Panel of Community Psychologists - 1996

The panel includes: Stephanie Riger, Alice Dan, Rebecca Campbel, and Margaret Strobel. They are interviewed by students in Jim Kelly's history of community psychology course at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As can be noted when viewing the video, Dr Riger was Director of the Women's Studies program at UIC, and had a background in psychology and women's studies. Dr Dan was a faculty member in the School of Nursing at UIC, and Director of the Center for Research on Women and Gender. She has a background in human development, and Health Psychology from the University of Chicago. Dr Campbel was a faculty member in the Psychology Department, community psychology program, at UIC. Dr Strobel studied African History at UCLA, was working on comparative women's history between Africa and Asia, and was a Professor of Women's Studies and History at UIC.


James Kelly

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