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Principles of Social Change
by Leonard Jason

Reviewed by Tom Wolff

Successful change agents must have knowledge, a sense of intuition and urgency to solve complex problems. This is the theme of Len Jason’s new book, Principles of Social Change. It is a wonderful and refreshing addition to the community psychology literature, and indeed to the broader social change literature. His social change model involves both the presentation of scientific/research information on the issue, partnered with vigorous advocacy. He demonstrates the critical role of both science and intuition to the change process. What a refreshing acknowledgement of the role of these powerful forces.


Community Psychology and Social Policies (English translation)
by Jaime Alfaro, Alipio Sanchez and Alba Zambrano

Reviewed by Loreto Leiva

This book confronts one of the challenges for those who work from a community approach: establishing a new dialogue between institutions, people and community (Martinez, 2006).

Those who labor in the field of community psychology know that the aim of this discipline is to promote the active participation of community members. Consequently, we want an active community and not just a group of spectators receiving the benefits of community without working for them. We expect the community to be an active agent with voice, vote and veto (Montero, 2004), allowing the development of strengths and capabilities rather than a focus on weaknesses and deficiencies.