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Unlocking Excellence: Advancing Postsecondary Success for Boys and Men of Color through Policy and Systems Change

During this call, Robinson will discuss her most recent project, focusing on postsecondary persistence and completion by men and boys of color. Through a community psychology lens, Robinson will outline a national demonstration project which examines how municipalities, nonprofits, and postsecondary education stakeholders in five metropolitan areas, Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, and Oakland, have worked in distinctive ways and with unique populations of male students of color.

Robinson outlines:

The value of completion of higher education to boys and men of color, as a way to unlock human potential, ingenuity, opportunities, increase earning power and facilitate more profound contributions to their families and communities.

Rejection of the dominant, deficit-based narratives, suggesting that male students of color are "broken," "unprepared," or have "low skills," and that "personal failure" is the cause of low graduation rates.

Briefly review a national demonstration that critically examines the quality of educational experiences and contextual factors, shifting the focus to how institutional systems, policies, programs, and practices can facilitate or hinder educational pathways.


Christine Robinson

Christine Robinson, Senior Advisor, Consultant, and President of Stillwaters Consultation. She has worked for decades designing, implementing, and evaluating systems and policies that enhance outcomes for historically marginalized communities. Robinson has consulted with numerous foundations, federal, state, and local governments, and nonprofit organizations. Her work consistently engages Christine community voice, systems, and policies, and builds upon individual, organizational, and systemic assets. 

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