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Community Psychology in Lebanon

In this conversation we are highlighting community psychology practitioner Ramy Barhouche’s work on peace-building and conflict transformation in Lebanon.  For the last 8 years, Ramy has worked with several local and international non-profit organizations focused on community empowerment and peace-building through strategic planning and action. Most recently, Ramy began his work in Lebanon as Project Director at Search for Common Ground, an international organization that focuses on peace-building by bringing different groups of people in conflict to work towards a unified solution. To meet this goal, Ramy’s project focuses on three things: conflict and power dynamics analysis, strategic communication, and community-led initiatives and dialogue. Through the conflict and power dynamics analysis, the project aims to better understand the situation and tension between communities in Lebanon, and see where it's most likely to make a change. Through the strategic communication initiatives, the focus is on utilizing different forms of media (e.g., film, radio programs, music videos) to spread awareness of issues and elicit discussions about overcoming differences. Lastly, through community-led initiatives and dialogue, the project identifies community influencers, referred to as champions, and trains them in conflict resolution and dialogue facilitation, and funds them to implement initiatives in their communities.


Ramy Barhouche

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